Public Safety Commission

The Glencoe Public Safety Commission derives its power and authority from the Village Code and the Illinois Board of Fire and Police Commissioners Act. The Commission consists of three Commissioners, including a Chairperson of the Commission that is appointed by the Village President. The Commission has historically delegated to a Village staff member the responsibilities of Commission Secretary, which responsibilities are to be the custodian of all the forms, papers, books, records, and completed examinations of the Commission; to keep a record of all examinations conducted by the Commission; and to perform all other duties prescribed by the Commission.

The Commission appoints all officers in the Public Safety Department with the exception of the Director and Deputy Director, in accordance with, and to the extent provided in, the Commission’s Rules and Regulations. The Commission also promotes and disciplines all officers with the exception of the Director and Deputy Director, and conducts disciplinary hearings when the Director brings formal charges against a sworn member of the department.

Members of the Commission include:

  • Amy St. Eve, Chair
  • Andrew Berlin
  • Daniel Rubinstein

The Public Safety Commission meets periodically on an as-needed basis to conduct business on matters relating to its mission and purpose.

Public Safety Commission Rules and Regulations, Adopted January 2023

Public Safety Officer Final Eligibility List (Posted July 19, 2022)

Public Safety Officer Lateral Applicant Final Eligibility List (Posted February 2, 2023)

Public Safety Officer Lateral Applicant Initial Eligibility List (Posted March 6, 2023)

Public Safety Officer Notice of Examination (Posted February 16, 2023)