Historic Glencoe FAQ

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What is the Historic Glencoe architectural survey?

The Historic Glencoe survey identifies the historic and architectural resources within Glencoe that are significant due to their age, architectural style, association with a renowned architect, landscape architect, and historic figure, and their ties to early builders, developers, and residents. The survey has identified, recorded, and photographed these resources as a record for the Village to be used for educational purposes and to promote their preservation. Structures and sites listed on the survey are displayed on the website as a story-map.  

Why was the survey initiated?

What is the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)?

When was the survey completed?

What was the role of the Historic Preservation Commission in updating the survey?

How will the survey be used?

How do you locate information about a specific structure or site?

What does it mean if my house is listed on the survey?

What is the meaning of the Historic Glencoe logo?