January 22 Message From Village President Levin And Board Of Trustees

January 22 Message From Village President Levin And Board Of Trustees

A little more than two weeks ago, the U.S. Capitol was invaded by a mob violating all the principles that we hold dear and upon which our republic is based. The impacts and concerns emanating from that event have resonated throughout the country, including here in Glencoe. With this in mind, we believe it is important to underscore the Village’s values clearly and unequivocally, and our commitment to inclusivity and rejection of hate.

We’ve said many times that Glencoe is a community of neighbors and that hate has no home here. In Glencoe, we strive every day to live the values of our Welcoming and Inclusive Community Pledge, celebrating the diversity that we all bring as unique individuals creating a stronger community as embodied in our nation’s motto, E Pluribus Unum, “out of many, one.” We reject those who see our individual uniqueness as a cause for division, or worse yet, allow it to fuel hate. America is a nation founded on the principle that we must always strive to be better and improve. No person or community has achieved perfection in establishing the equality and dignity of all people, and we know that our work on this is never done. Part of valuing and respecting all people is the belief that we must work each day to better live our values.

It bears repeating that in Glencoe our Village government and our residents strongly condemn any verbal or non-verbal attacks, harassment, or intimidation based on race, ethnicity, color, immigration or refugee status, religion or creed, gender or sexual orientation, age, mental or physical ability, veteran status or other social identities, as well as discourse that disrespects or degrades an individual’s identity, needs, and beliefs. We believe that open dialogue, thoughtful discourse and mutual respect for all are the only ways forward, and violence, mob behavior or hateful actions must never be used in their place.

The work that we do as a municipal government embodies the Village’s values every day. From our Village Board, to our committees and commissions, to our staff, we all share the common purpose of building a welcoming and inclusive community where all are embraced, valued, safe and respected. Our Community Relations Forum continues its work to advance dialogue, build community and support mutual respect, understanding, and inclusion of all people. Our staff, whether it be Public Safety, Public Works, or staff elsewhere in our organization, uphold the Village’s values and provide professional, dedicated service to all guests in and members of our community. We recognize that there have been media reports of current and former military and law enforcement personnel participating in the riot at the U.S. Capitol; however, we have no reason to believe that any Village employees participated.

This is a difficult time across our nation, and there is much work to be done to heal what divides us. Glencoe is not immune and there is work to do here as well. But we remain steadfast in our belief that day by day, person by person, we can overcome great divides with acts of kindness, respect, and love, and with our shared community values as our compass, we can each make Glencoe a truly welcoming and inclusive community.

Village President
Lawrence R. Levin

Village Trustees
Joe Halwax 
Gail Lissner
Barbara Miller
Peter Mulvaney
Gary Ruben
Jonathan Vree