Getting to Know the Heart of Glencoe

Getting to Know the Heart of Glencoe

As part of the work of the Glencoe Council for Inclusion and Community, we will be featuring monthly interviews with community members who live or work in Glencoe. In doing so, we hope to encourage more people to say hello and perhaps get to know those we encounter while out and about in Glencoe. Especially in these times of restricted interactions, reaching out and getting to know the people in our community can be beneficial to all those involved. In an effort to be a more welcoming community, let us start by welcoming one another.

1. Margaret Staine

2. Oscar Lopez

3. Peggy Rubenstein

4. Lauren Pierce

5. Brooke Lawler

6. “Pepe” Herra-Matta

7. Dr. Joshua Levin

8. Tom Quinn