Demolition Status

Pending Demolition Applications

Last updated  9/5/2023

Below is a list of the pending demolition applications in the Village of Glencoe. An application does not guarantee that the structure(s) will be demolished. Structures are subject to a waiting period of at least 60 days prior to demolition, and if a new structure is proposed, staff must approve multiple sets of plans for the new structure(s) and inspect the entire property several times prior to the demolition of the existing structure(s).

When someone has submitted a Demolition Permit Application, neighbors near the proposed demolition are notified. On average, staff review time for new homes ranges from 8 to 12 weeks prior to a demolition/new construction permit being issued. 



Earliest Possible Issue Date Plans for New Structure Submitted?
146 Beach Road 8/4/2022 Yes
922 Glencoe Drive 5/23/2022 Yes
1025 Forest Avenue 5/25/2022 Yes
165 Franklin Road 11/21/2022 No
333 Surfside Place 2/9/2023 Yes
240 Beach Road 3/24/2023 Yes
417 Jackson Avenue 6/7/2023 Yes
125 Hawthorn Avenue 7/5/2023 Yes
739 Ivy Lane 9/14/2023 No
1035 Forest Avenue 10/28/2023 No