VM Blog: Tracking and Transparency: How to Use the Village's New Reporting Tool

VM Blog: Tracking and Transparency: How to Use the Village's New Reporting Tool

Village Manager’s Blog
By Village Manager Philip Kiraly

A few months ago, I shared with you details about the Village’s new three-year Strategic Plan. An outgrowth of thoughtful collaboration between the Village Board and staff, the Strategic Plan sets the framework for our community’s continued success well into the future. I am proud of the Strategic Plan for many reasons, but I am particularly pleased by the plan’s emphasis on both public transparency and an enhanced commitment to measurement of success of our service levels and delivery methods. My goal, and the goal of the entire Village staff, is to provide exceptionally high levels of service, to do so responsibly with the resources we have, and to also keep the community informed of our progress along the way.

To this end, Village staff created a new, user-friendly reporting tool: our new bi-monthly operational and Strategic Plan progress reports. The progress reports are divided into sections that support the Village’s new strategic goals and priorities and give insight into how we are doing. The reports are easy to understand and help the reader determine if we are falling behind, meeting or exceeding Village progress expectations.

Depending upon the time of year, the reports will focus on a variety of “hot topic” or “seasonal” items that are important to you as a resident, such as our progress toward completing our 10-Year Community Improvement Program (CIP) projects or the strength of the Village’s Fiscal Year 2019 revenues. We will also report on areas that may be in need of growth and how we intend to improve.

As the reports evolve over time, we aim to develop our data points from simple metrics into comprehensive benchmarks. In doing so, we intend to utilize information collected to assist with program evaluation during the beginning of our annual budget process and process improvements, as well as to compare the health of the Village against other communities.

I encourage you to review our most recent edition of the bi-monthly reports below for the period ending July 31, 2018, starting with the Executive Summary on page 1. Here is a preview of the thought-provoking information included in our August reports:

  • Year-to-date General Fund revenue is approximately $530,169 higher than prior year-to-date.
  • The Village received an unqualified opinion on its Fiscal Year audit, the best opinion that can be awarded.
  • First floor retail and commercial spaces in the downtown are at 100% occupancy.
  • The Village hosted or assisted with 18 community events so far this summer.
  • The majority of Fiscal Year 2019 CIP projects are underway.
Should you have any questions about the progress reports, you know where to find me. Thank you for reading, and thank you for staying engaged!