Three Steps to Select Services for the New Garbage Collection Program

Three Steps to Select Services for the New Garbage Collection Program

Kiraly_webBy Village Manager Phil Kiraly 

After over a year and a half of analysis, discussion and review of service alternatives, the Village’s garbage collection program analysis is complete and a transition to a private hauler is now underway. A contract for garbage collection services with Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS), the Village’s current recycling collection provider, was approved by the Village Board in August and the new program kicks-off in just under two months on Wednesday, November 1.

For you, the biggest change will be that an LRS crew member, rather than a Village employee, will now collect your garbage, either at the curb or top-of-drive. Expect very little, if any, change to the quality services you have come to expect from the Village—we are confident that LRS will treat our community with care and respect and will do what it takes to provide excellent services to our residents. LRS has a strong and visible presence on the North Shore, and has been collecting recycling in Glencoe since early 2016.

While we are doing our part to make the transition to LRS as smooth as possible, the Village is asking for your help in completing the transition process. As part of the new program, you have the opportunity to make a new service level selection and to choose a standardized cart size. Take these simple steps to make select service options for the new program with LRS (to view this as an infographic, click here):

1. Select Your Service Level:
Just like with the Village’s current program, you have the option of selecting between curbside, once-weekly, curbside, twice-weekly, top-of-drive, once-weekly or top-of-drive, twice-weekly collection. Service levels are for garbage collection only, as all recycling will continue to be collected curbside. Quarterly fees are inclusive of garbage and recycling collection, fall leaf collection and two semi-annual clean-up days, and are as follows:

  • Curbside, Once-Weekly: $68.80
  • Curbside, Twice-Weekly: $113.47
  • Top-of-drive, Once-Weekly: $98.97
  • Top-of-drive, Twice-Weekly: $161.47

Add-on: You can also decide to opt-in to the Annual Yard Waste Subscription Program for 2018 (which would begin April 1) when you make your new service selection. The yard waste collection program, which will now include an optional food scrap composting component, is an additional annual cost of $125 or can be paid for through the use of yard waste stickers which will continue to be sold for $2.25 at Village Hall and the Grand Food Center. 

2. Choose a Cart Size:
At the onset of the program, LRS will deliver one standardized cart to each household for no additional fee. Curbside cart options are 65-gallon or 95-gallon and top-of-drive cart options are 65-gallon or residents can choose to use up to three of their own cans (under 44-gallons each). Note that if you already have a Village-issued 95-gallon cart you may continue to use it, but we strongly suggest trading it in now for a new cart. 

3. Choose How to Contact LRS:
Once you’re ready to make your selections, you can (1) use the online portal here, (2) call LRS at (773) 685-8811 or (3) wait for your brochure from LRS in the mail with a detachable postcard for you to complete and mail back.

We understand that while deciding what program and cart size is best for you, you may have some questions. We’ve put together comprehensive FAQs online here and LRS customer service representatives are also available to help answer questions over the phone from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Saturday at (773) 685-8811.

As with any change, there are bound to be minor hiccups that arise. Please know that we are working diligently to ensure that you receive the best possible service from LRS both during the transition and long term. Should you encounter any issues or have any lingering questions throughout the process, please do not hesitate to call the Village at (847) 835-4111 or send us an e-mail at info@villageofglencoe.org. Of course, on this or any other item of concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office should you want to learn more about how we got here, or if there are concerns that you may have.