"Think Pink" and Embody the Spirit of Inclusivity this Halloween

"Think Pink" and Embody the Spirit of Inclusivity this Halloween

Phil_KiralyBy Village Manager Phil Kiraly

In our community, it’s tempting to think that bullying (by both kids and adults) doesn’t happen in our schools and workplaces. Unfortunately, nationwide 70% of young people say they have seen bullying in their schools, and up to a third of adults may be the victims of abuse by workplace bullies. Our friends and neighbors have shown tremendous Glencoe pride in honoring the Village’s 150th anniversary, dedicating time and talents throughout the past year to create Sesquicentennial events, lectures, performances and more. As our Sesquicentennial celebration draws to a close next month, let us perpetuate the special feeling of closeness we have fostered over the past year and work together to keep our community of residents with diverse backgrounds, histories and identities welcoming and inclusive for years to come.

As an unbelievably proud father of two young daughters, I am particularly devoted to ensuring that all children in our community feel welcomed and loved. To this end, the Village has partnered with District 35 to participate in Pink Day in Glencoe on Thursday, October 31. Pink Day is an international day of awareness that was created in 2007 by high school students in Nova Scotia, Canada after a fellow classmate was bullied for simply wearing a pink t-shirt. To take a stand against bullying, fellow classmates bought pink shirts to show their support. Similarly, although Halloween can be an exciting and fun day, Halloween can also be a time that heightens feelings of exclusion for our local students, as friends may exclude others when planning for group costumes or trick-or-treating. Village staff members will be wearing pink clothing and “Choose Kindness” bracelets on October 31 to promote inclusivity in the Glencoe community and in the workplace. I welcome you and your family to participate in Pink Day with the Village and District 35 not only by wearing pink on October 31 but by having conversations about inclusivity that day as well.

Another testament to standing up against any and all discrimination is the Village’s Welcoming and Inclusive Community Pledge. Adopted by the Village Board in 2017, the Pledge makes clear that we as a united Glencoe community are proud of our diversity and will not condone hateful behavior that is based on race, ethnicity, color, immigration or refugee status, religion or creed, gender or sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disability, veteran status or any other social identities. From our schools to our neighborhoods and government buildings, Glencoe is a place that respects our differences and believes that diverse perspectives create better outcomes.

The sense of respect and care for one another in this community is just one of the many reasons why we all choose to live in Glencoe. Together, let’s do our part to keep Glencoe a welcoming, inclusive and kind place to live, work and play.