The Glencoe Sustainability Task Force Reflects on 2020

The Glencoe Sustainability Task Force Reflects on 2020

We all faced significant challenges due to the limitations placed on us all by the pandemic. Despite those challenges, the Glencoe Sustainability Task Force (GSTF) continued its work seeking to elevate the community’s focus on creating a sustainable future.

Here is a look back on 2020 GSTF accomplishments:

  • 2020 Donate and Recycle Drop-Off Event: One of the GSTF’s most visible accomplishments in 2020 was organizing the Donate and Recycle Day in early October. Glencoe residents had obviously spent their days in quasi-lock down going through their basements and attics as virtually every collection station at the event was inundated with materials.  By the end of the event, nearly 3.6 tons of electronic waste, 2.5 tons of household goods, and 52 bikes were diverted from the landfill for recycling and reuse. Lakeshore Recycling Systems also collected two 20 cubic yard roll-offs of construction debris and Flat Can Recycling collected 60 paint spray cans for recycling. More items were donated to Evanston Recycling, Goodwill and Play-It-Again Sports.
  • Webinars Cosponsored with the Glencoe Public Library: In addition, the GSTF partnered with the Glencoe Public Library to sponsor a range of well attended and informative virtual presentations on issues ranging from our community’s relationship with Lake Michigan to more local water management issues to what can and cannot be recycled in the community curb side recycling program.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: In connection with these programs the GSTF has ramped up its public awareness program with numerous articles in the Glencoe Anchor and the new GSTF blog as well as #SustainabilityStar posts on Village social media.
  • New committee structure: Looking forward the GSTF has set up subgroups focused on planning and executing strategies around carbon reduction, wastewater management and other water issues, waste reduction and recycling, ravine and tree canopy preservation, green lawns, green business practices and public awareness. In partnership with the Village, we look forward to an exciting 2021 campaign including:
  • Hosting the next Donate and Recycle Drop-Off Event on Saturday, May 15, 2021 in partnership with the Village
  • Cosponsoring the SWANCC Electronic Recycling and Paper Shredding Event on Saturday, June 19, 2021 with the Village of Glencoe
  • More webinars co-sponsored with the Glencoe Public Library on “meatless Mondays,” energy conservation, native plant specifies for your lawn, bird watching and migration, and more
  • A contest to adopt a bird species as the official bird of the Village of Glencoe and a campaign to improve bird habitats. (Watch more details in the coming months!)
  • More blog posts, articles and #SustainabilityStar social media posts to help you practice sustainability everyday
  • More special recycling programs in the works
  • Stay tuned for more!

Submitted by Sustainability Task Force Members Barney Gallagher and Hall Healy