Let's Talk Trash - Give Feedback through Garbage Collection Survey

Let's Talk Trash - Give Feedback through Garbage Collection Survey

Kiraly_webBy Village Manager Phil Kiraly

As your Village Manager, I take pride in knowing that in the 2015 Community Survey 92% of residents reported being “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Village services. Time and time again, I meet with residents who move to Glencoe (or move back) to enjoy our top notch services. Our in-house Garbage Collection Program, while not glamorous, is certainly among those services that residents find valuable.

The Village Board has prioritized evaluation of our services to ensure that these services are being provided at the lowest cost while retaining our characteristic Glencoe service delivery. In that vein, our Garbage Collection Program warranted some review. Providing the service in-house means that the Village is responsible for operational and long-term capital costs, such as the maintenance and eventual replacement of major pieces of garbage hauling equipment. With other options available, including the potential of contracting with a private garbage hauler, the Village owes it to residents to investigate opportunities that maintain (or even improve) service levels, provide the service more efficiently and reduce costs—possibly reducing resident fees as well as overall operational and capital costs, allowing for reallocation of Village resources to a series of other needs in line with the Village’s strategic priorities.  

As such, as part of our three-year Strategic Work Plan, the Village Board directed staff to analyze the program. In Phase I of the evaluation, presented to the Village Board in November 2016, staff completed a comprehensive Garbage Collection Analysis, including a review of all operational costs, service levels, long-term capital costs and program efficiencies.

Staff is now embarking on Phase II of the analysis in which we are investigating all options, while also engaging the community to better understand our residents’ expectations. To help in this evaluation, we ask that residents complete our brief Garbage Collection Survey, available online now through Friday, March 31. We ask that only one adult per household complete this survey. Should you require a paper version of this survey, call (847) 835-4111 or visit Village Hall at 675 Village Court.

Your feedback will be used to guide the decision-making process on what services might be offered into the future. It is expected that over the next several months, staff will gather additional information on program alternatives, including seeking competitive proposals from private garbage haulers and will present findings to the Village Board later this summer.    

Questions may be directed to Adam Hall, Management Analyst, at ahall@villageofglencoe.org or (847) 461-1115.