It's Not Too Much to "Mask"

It's Not Too Much to "Mask"

By Village Manager Phil Kiraly

Not Too Much to Mask_Kiraly

For months now, the Village (like almost every other local, regional and State government agency and  public health organization) has been encouraging the use of masks and face coverings to help the curb spread of COVID-19. Signs are up on the doors of Glencoe businesses, reminders are posted on social media and punny sayings have been coined to remind us to wear masks. These messages about masks and face coverings are quite simple: be sure to cover both your nose and mouth anytime you might closely encounter others outside of your household.

Centers for Disease Control and Presentation guidance regarding face coverings and masks highlights the correct way to wear masks, along with the types of masks that are available and when/where you should wear them. Here at Village Hall, we’re wearing masks anytime we are near coworkers or members of the public who have stopped by to conduct business. I’m wearing one every time I leave my house (except when I run…though then I make sure I always keep six feet of distance between myself and others!).

My message today, however, isn’t about the right way to wear masks, to explain to you the CDC guidance on masks or to talk about how our businesses and community buildings have mask requirements. Instead, I wanted to explain why I wear a mask.

Simply put, I wear a mask because I know that it can help protect me and others from COVID-19. I wear a mask because I know that doing so is a civic responsibility that serves my neighbors as much as it serves me and those close to me. Wearing a mask shows empathy toward others who may be at greater risk of COVID-19 and related complications than I might be (though as a Type 1 diabetic, my risk is significant too).

Put another way: wearing a mask shows I care.

With this in mind, I hope you’ll join me in committing to wearing masks as we continue working to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Locally and in our State of Illinois, we have made tremendous strides toward keeping COVID-19 at bay. This is yet another step as we work to stay healthy.

I guarantee: #ItsNotTooMuchToMask!