Bringing Action to Aspiration: Village Board Adopts New Strategic Plan

Bringing Action to Aspiration: Village Board Adopts New Strategic Plan

Kiraly_webBy Village Manager Phil Kiraly

In the course of my professional career, I have had the pleasure of serving in four communities and have participated in a number of strategic planning processes. Each process has been different, and now having participated in two strategic planning processes as your Village Manager in Glencoe, the most recent process really stands out to me. From the collaboration between the Village Board and staff members, to the depth of research conducted, to the involvement of all levels of staff members from throughout the organization – I believe that the new Strategic Plan (formally adopted at the April 19 Village Board meeting) will be an excellent guide for the Village as we work to ensure that Glencoe remains the community of choice in the Chicago metropolitan area for decades to come.

Entering the most recent process, the Village Board and staff reinforced its commitment to the Village’s long-standing tradition of excellence in service delivery to our residents. While we could simply maintain the status-quo, we were reminded of the age-old idiom that nothing should be taken for granted. In this most recent process, we challenged ourselves to dive deep and to identify critical issues facing the Village and to consider what we can do in the near-term to prepare us for the next 20 years of success. Check here for more information on the full process, including a comprehensive State of the Village Report developed last fall to help guide discussions.

While I am pleased with the way we structured the entire process, I am most proud of how after the Village Board finalized the new strategic vision statement and four new strategic goals, staff worked to identify initiatives and action items to accomplish those goals. Staff members quickly took the Village Board’s feedback to heart, and equipped with a wealth of institutional knowledge and backgrounds in civil engineering, finance, public policy and administration, communications, economic development, technology, public safety and more –worked together to propose a set of actionable projects that will move us closer to the high aspirations of the Village Board. To learn about each of the initiatives and action items, I encourage you to review the Strategic Plan.

Of course, the new Strategic Plan is just that, a plan. It will change throughout its implementation. In some ways, I look forward to seeing how the plan evolves as we receive feedback from the community on your aspirations for Glencoe.

Thank you for staying engaged. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.