Garbage Analysis FAQ

Read through these FAQs to learn more about the garbage collection analysis. Take the Garbage Analysis Survey through Friday, March 31. 

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact Adam Hall, Management Analyst at (847) 461-1115  or via email at ahall@villageofglencoe.org.  

I think that the current program is excellent. Why is the Village considering changing our service?

Has the Village made a decision about how garbage collection will be provided in the future?

If the Village uses an outside garbage hauler in the future, what services would be available to me?

What services will be available to accommodate elderly or physically disabled persons who aren't able to bring their garbage to the curb?

If the Village uses an outside garbage hauler and standardized carts in the future, would residents have the option of choosing between different sized carts? I am away for a large portion of the year and would rarely need a large container.

Is the Village considering combining our program with a neighboring community to help negotiate a lower price with outside garbage haulers?

What services are being considered to help divert waste from landfills?

How can residents provide feedback or receive more information?

When will the Village Board discuss the garbage collection program again and when will residents know the next steps?