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The Human Relations Forum was created by ordinance in July of 1997 in recognition of the Village's strong public policy against discrimination, bigotry and bias in any form. The ordinance stipulates the purpose of the Forum and is listed below.  In November of 2014 The Village Board approved a name change of the Forum to the Glencoe Community Relations Forum.

The Forum will promote and encourage mutual respect, cooperation and understanding between all people who live or desire to live, work, visit or do business in the Village; and p
romote the lawful preservation of human rights of all citizens as guaranteed by ordinance, statutes and laws so as to maintain and foster a positive atmosphere that provides all individuals with an equal opportunity to grow, participate and share to the best of their ability in our economic educational, political, social and judicial system.


The Forum encourages understanding and respect, acknowledges the value of diversity in the community and encourages openness in the Village to all persons, regardless of race, color, gender, age, religion, disability, natural origin, sexual orientation, marital status, personal status, military discharge status, socioeconomic or housing status.


This diverse body plans and supports community events, promotes justice and equality, encourages and facilitates solutions to social issues, addresses emerging community needs, and serves as an advocate, educator, communicator, and point of contact for all Glencoe residents. The Forum consists of nine members who are appointed to overlapping three-year terms.


The function and duties of the forum are to engage in the following activities when so directed by the Village Board or as the Forum otherwise believes such activities are appropriate:


  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Village President and Board of Trustees on human relations issues within the Village and upon specific matters as may be requested by the President or Board of Trustees;
  • Provide a public forum for community relations issues;
  • Enlist the aid of and consult with schools, religious institutions, service organizations, civic groups and public agencies to promote good will and understanding among people of the Village and to further human relations;
  • Provide educational programs on human relations issues or practices of unlawful discrimination, conduct public meetings to aid in alleviating discrimination or bias and as a means of fostering positive human relations within the Village; and issuing such publications that may assist in the performance of its functions.

Members of the Forum include:


  • Rev. David Wood, Chairperson
  • Paula Alexander
  • Steven Arenson
  • Margot Flanagin
  • Rev. Norris Jackson
  • Rabbi Steven Lowenstein
  • John O'Dwyer
  • Sasha Von Varga
The Community Relations Forum typically meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month in the Hagenagh Conference Room at Village Hall.


For more information regarding the Glencoe Community Relations Forum, please contact Assistant Village Manager Sharon Tanner, the Forum’s staff liaison, at (847) 835-4114 /

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