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For Pet Owners

Pet owners should include provisions for their pet in a household disaster plan. Please note that pets are not allowed in shelters (only service animals are allowed in shelters). Therefore, it is important that you have a plan for your pet in the case of an evacuation.

Pet emergency planning tips:

  • Contact friends or relatives outside your area to see if they would be willing to accommodate you and your pets in an emergency. Also, ask a neighbor, friend, or family member if they will look after your pet if you cannot return home due to a disaster.
  • See if your veterinarian or groomer provides shelter for animals during an emergency.
  • Transport your pets in a carrier for the duration of the disaster. This makes pets feel safer and more secure.
  • Know your pets' hiding places so that you can easily find them in times of stress.
  • Make sure each pet has a license and ID tag.

Assemble a "Pet Survival Kit" that can be ready to go if you are evacuating your pet to a kennel or to friends or family. You should include:

  • Water, food, and containers.
  • A leash/muzzle/harness.
  • A copy of all current vaccination and health records, license numbers, and microchip numbers.
  • Medication for your pet (if needed).
  • A pet carrier or cage (a luggage carrier can be used to wheel the carrier around).
Did you know that June is Pet Owners Preparedness Month? 

Click the following link for more information:

American Human Society Pet Preparedness Month
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