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Community Engagement
  • Investing in community relations
  • Promoting Sustainability in the community
What is it?
Progressive village planners are attempting to build symbiotic, complementary relationships within their local communities. By proactively addressing issues of concern to local residents, Village leaders are setting a course for better community relations and; therefore, easier community management over the long term.
Why it is important
At the core of our democracy is the opportunity to participate or not to participate, whether that be voting or protesting. Communication of knowledge for the purpose of educating the community is the basis for community engagement. Each member of the community can contribute to various sustainable activities, such as expanded recycling, but it is the community as whole when engaged that can make a bigger impact, which only further develops the knowledge base of sustainable activities that promote more community engagement. A community such as the Village of Glencoe also represents a manageable entity that can foster community engagement by communicating successfully the benefits of Sustainability and then demonstrating the Village’s progress to other communities. Sustainability and its benefits are most productive at the community level based on knowledge and individual participation in business, education, social and community events.

Glencoe Goes Green! A New Joint Venture to Educate Glencoe Residents

On November 12, 2011 the Glencoe Park District and the Village of Glencoe joined forces to educate residents about energy conservation, recycling, and creating less waste at Glencoe’s first “green” event held at the Takiff Center. Family members of all ages visited interactive booths and displays and gained valuable knowledge along the way on the topics of saving energy at home, transportation choices, green landscaping, growing your own food, organic food and farming, connecting to nature, green home design and products, and learned about the sustainable initiatives and practices of local public bodies, community groups, and organizations. Exhibitors included: Village of Glencoe/Water Treatment Plant, Glencoe Park District, Glencoe Public Library, School District #35, Glencoe Golf Club, New Trier High School Environmental Club, SWANCC, The Organic Gardener, Kipnis Architecture & Planning, Save a Star Drug Awareness, Heller Nature Center, Falcon Group Sustainable Services, Green Dream Group, Solar Service Inc., and Urban Worm Girl. Special Presentations focused on growing organic vegetables in your backyard and natural lawn care. The short film “Tapped,” a compelling documentary about bottled water, was shown.


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