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Sustainability Task Force Update:

Since its beginning in April 2016, the Sustainability Task Force has focused on raising awareness of sustainability actions already taking place throughout our community.  The first activity was to develop an inventory of what Glencoe government agencies, organizations, and businesses have done so far. The resulting list is immense and will soon be available on the Village website. The Task Force will update that list periodically, but it already provides a very positive example of what is possible right here at home, from rain gardens that reduce flood risks, to solar panels that diminish heating and cooling costs, to geothermal energy that reduces our carbon footprint, and more.

We also will be putting together a sustainable project clearinghouse. This will be a database of local projects to help other
Glencoe residents
green their own homes. Based on completed projects, the information will offer encouragement and resources for doing similar activities, from gardens, to low-flow fixtures,insulation, thermal windows, solar panels, and beyond. From the
simple to the more complex undertakings, we
ll be able to learn from our experienced Glencoe neighbors. The Task Force will be recommending other events and activities to facilitate Glencoes enhanced sustainability into the future.


Stay tuned for more to come on how to help us all be more sustainable!


        Current Sustainable Initiatives in Glencoe:
Numerous Glencoe residents, organizations and governmental bodies have engaged in substantial sustainability practices for many years, from natural resource and financial perspectives.  The Glencoe Sustainability Task Force (GSTF) developed an inventory of these activities by governmental bodies, some businesses and non-profit organizations to date. Below is the results of htat survey with the goal of helping to make all sectors of Glencoe society aware of what already has been done, and what can be done to enahce our sustainability in the future.

To view the Village-wide inventory of sustainable practices, click

        Development of the Glencoe Sustainability Task Force:
Since 2009, the Village of Glencoe has conducted a number of activities related to sustainability including agreements to share resources between units of government and reduce costs, as well as:

1.  A Sustainability Study in 2009 by the Contextual Design Review Commission:

Copy of Sustainability Study

Appendix I

2.  A review in 2010 by the Plan Commission of the "Recommended Strategies" and "Next Steps" included in the Sustainability Study;

3.  Hosting by the Plan Commission of meetings of public bodies and community groups to share sustainability initiatives, polices and practices;

4.  Formation of the Sustainability Working Group in 2011 to assist the Village in advance sustainability initiatives in the community, whose final report was finished in 2013, including a recommendation to create a more formal advisory body;

5.  Creation of the Glencoe Sustainability Task Force in April 2016 to discuss, analyze and recommend responsible sustainability initiatives to the Village Board.

Members of the Glencoe Sustainability Task Force are:

Hall Healy, Chairman
Donna Craven, Glencoe Library Board
Beth Dunn, Chicago Botanic Garden
Lisa Fremont, Go Green Glencoe
Jean Hahn, Glencoe School Board
Mitch Kiesler, Friends of the Green Bay Trail
Andrew McGrath, Public-at-Large
Peter Mulvaney, Village of Glencoe Trustee 
Dudley Onderdonk, Glencoe Park District Board
Scott Padiak, Public-at-Large

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