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Air Quality
  • Reducing emissions related to vehicles
  • Reducing emissions related to buildings:
- Energy efficient heating and cooling
- Installing renewable energy systems

What is it?

The quality of the air within the Village is viewed as a compliance issue, as it is in most segments of society. As long as the operations that directly affect air quality, such as vehicles and power generators, are meeting governmental regulations, then there is no issue.

If one considers air and its quality in the same way as the water and its quality, the air that we breathe as our “fluid” environment becomes that much more important. A mental image of polluted water or debris floating in water is easy to develop, but the same should apply to the air. Due to climate changes that stem from air pollutants and air quality, our air and what we put in it is critical to survival.  Whether our concern is global climate or the smell of local spring flowers, air quality, (the level of oxygen, how it protects us from the sun, the dust it deposits on our window sills) affects us all as humans as well as all the animal and plant life that surrounds us.
Why it is important

Sustainability looks beyond compliance and attempts to conduct required operations without creating as much air pollution as allowed by regulations. For communities, this subject looks at all functions within the Village’s control such as service equipment, building design, and ground transportation.

Clean Air Counts    

Since 2007 the Village of Glencoe has been a bronze level member of the Clean Air Counts program, a northeastern Illinois regional initiative between the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, City of Chicago, U.S. EPA Region 5, and Illinois EPA to achieve reductions in smog-forming pollutants and reductions in energy consumption. The Village expects to achieve gold level status in response to implementing the following strategies:
1.   Publishing articles and information in the Glencoe Memo and Village website regarding outreach efforts to promote clean air initiatives
2.   Taking VOC (volatile organic compound) reduction measures that include the purchase of low VOC cleaning materials
3.   Pursuing energy efficient measures by installing energy efficient lighting at Village Hall and purchasing Energystar office equipment
4.   Taking fleet management and commuter benefit measures by adopting a municipal fleet idling policy and offering alternative commuter options for the community
5.   Enforcing existing regulations that include air pollution contaminant and leaf burning bans
6.   Allowing residents to purchase renewable energy through the Village’s alternative electricity supplier Mc2
7.  Pursuing public outreach programs and events, including participation in Earth Hour, adopting the Greenest Region Compact in 2008, and cooperating with sister governments to host the Glencoe Goes Green exhibition in 2011
8.   Conducting  an energy efficient and green building code audit through the Village’s Sustainability Working Group


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