Municipal and Commercial Building Design & Construction
  • Utilizing existing infrastructure
  • Implementing environmental management during construction
  • Constructing green buildings
What is it?

While the majority of the Village is single family residential with some multifamily residential, a significant amount of area is used by retail, commercial, institutional and public buildings, including the three golf courses within the Village. The concentration of these buildings is in the Village center but also includes outlying areas west of the Expressway, the water treatment facility and the greenhouse complex behind the Community Center.

Why it is important
The built environment of retail, commercial, institutional and public buildings, beyond the residential component, represents a substantial impact on the physical and aesthetic environment within the Village. This includes not only the buildings themselves but also the parking lots, open space and associated public realm and the various uses thereof. Since the Village has a compact downtown, the ability to develop energy conservation synergies and shared infrastructure is increased. And, as the public institutional facilities of Village Hall, Library, and Public Works are closely co-located, the Village has the ability to demonstrate the advantage of integrated and cooperative planning by a single entity. The Public Works building is a case in point as it is located close to the Village infrastructure it serves; therefore, reducing transportation costs. On the other hand, in a tie-in to land use appropriateness, the location of the Public Works building may not be best suited to the other commercial, retail and cultural components of the Village center. Energy costs, storm water management, maintenance and functionality are all affected by how sustainable strategies are applied to these buildings but it must be integrated with some of the less tangible but equally important livability aspects of sustainable development in a village such as Glencoe.


LEED Rating Systems - U.S. Green Building Council

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